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Solar Power in Arizona growing every day.

Solar Power in Arizona growing every day.

As solar power is getting more affordable, it’s becoming more and more popular, especially here in the “Valley of the Sun.”   Even 10 years ago you could drive through phoenix and hardly notice any solar panels.  Now when you drive through Phoenix you see solar panels every few blocks, and this is only the beginning.   NAU up in Flagstaff has built several solar panel lots generating tons of power for the college, even high schools hospitals and grocery stores are building covered parking lots that they can cover with solar panels.   This has been wonderful, the covered parking is keeping our cars cool, and the solar panels are generating more energy and saving money for everyone.

This is just another great reason to love Arizona.  Tell us some of the reasons you guys love Arizona.  From Flagstaff to Tucson we have snow and Saguaros Great golf and tons of mountains.   Visit us at Arizona Homeopathy and lets be healthy and well in Arizona.  There is so much to enjoy.

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