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Classical Homeopathy, practice and teachings in Arizona

Classical Homeopathy, practice and teachings in Arizona

George Vithoulkas is one of the biggest names in Homeopathy.  He was the winner of the Noble Prize in Alternative Medicine,  he has written several books which have been translated into many languages.   Vithoulkas started, and teaches at the homeopathic college known as the “International Academy of Classical Homeopathy” in Alonisos Greece.  All of the Homeopaths at Arizona Homeopathy have been trained at the academy and have over 30 years of Homeopathic experience.  Here you can see Dan Horvath, one of our Homeopaths with George Vithoulkas.   George Vithoulkas has entrusted Dan Horvath and Arizona Homeopathy to practice Classical Homeopathy in Phoenix Arizona and to spread the knowledge and teaching across the united states.

Practicing Classical homeopathy in Arizona for over 30 years.  Arizona Homeopathy provides quickest relief.

Dan and Vithoulkas in Greece.

Dan is also an instructor now at the Arizona medical college of Homeopathy, bringing with him, Vithoulkas’ teachings of Classical Homeopathy to Arizona.   The Arizona Medical College of Homeopathy is the first school to bring Vithoulkas teachings to the USA.  We are happy to help introduce Classical Homeopathy to the US.  This is an exciting time for Homeopathy.

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