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Healing a New Generation with Classical Homeopathy

Healing a New Generation with Classical Homeopathy

Classical homeopathy has been around nearly two hundred years when Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, discovered that Earth’s natural resources provided substances that can be used and mixed together in a specific way to create remedies for people with a variety of ailments. He called this process potentization as the special mixing and shaking technique he used to create these remedies would dilute the substances that were used. The belief was that even though very little of the pharmacological molecules remained after dilution, they left an imprint in the mixture that would stimulate the body to heal whatever the problem was.

Classical Homeopathy for the Mind and the Body

It is not just physical health that classical homeopathy helps—mental and emotional health is also improved. Homeopathy is considered an energy medicine because homeopaths believe that people are sick due to a problem with their vital force, and the only way to correct the problem is to allow your body to take one of these remedies, which is similar to properties found in the compromised vital force. Once you take a homeopathic remedy, the vital force, which knows where it is suffering and what the symptoms are from this suffering, is able to use the remedy to heal itself and return it back to better and complete health on the physical, mental and emotion level.

Global Growth and Practice

Millions of people all over the world have used classical homeopathy as treatment for illnesses, diseases, aches and pains. Up to the 1920’s, nearly twenty-five percent of medical practice in the United States was homeopathic. There are many organizations that were founded by homeopathic practitioners and patients who continue to crusade for further homeopathic studies and education.

Everyone Has Their Critics

Unfortunately, not everyone is a believer in the principles of classical homeopathy. Many members of the medical community view it as mythological medicine or just outright bogus. Their belief is that many homeopaths are promising to cure diseases that clearly cannot be obliterated with a diluted potion. Studies on homeopathic remedies have also been controversial. While some have shown their efficacy, others claim that not only are the studies inconclusive, but the studies themselves had many flaws in the way they were conducted.

Classical Homeopathy: Still Growing Strong

Probably to much of the critic’s dismay, the practice of classical homeopathy is not going away. In fact, it has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past ten years within the United States. It is well-known that many celebrities as well as all the members of the Royal family use classical homeopathy. The reason for its increase in practice can be attributed to several factors, including:

  • The high cost of traditional prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  • Fear of adverse effects from modern medications that use chemicals as part of their manufacturing process
  • An increase in drug recalls
  • A greater awareness of more natural healing and alternative therapies

Whatever people may think about classical homeopathy, the bottom line is that it is nearly as popular today as it was in its earlier days, as people have become more educated and more open-minded about alternative medicine.

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