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Natural Healing: Your Body is its Own Medicine

Natural Healing: Your Body is its Own Medicine

With the constant barrage of drug recalls and the high price of medications these days, it is easy to understand why so many people opt for alternative methods like natural healing to cure what ails them. Most people by now are familiar with acupuncture, hypnosis and biofeedback which have shown great success in treating everything–from minor aches and pains to more debilitating illnesses. The powers of the mind and the body prove to be a strong source of healing.

What is Natural Healing?

 Natural healing, or homeopathy as it is commonly called, is considered alternative medicineHomeopathic practitioners use diluted preparations known as “remedies” that require preparation through a particular process (potentization) and produce similar symptoms in healthy people. This is known as the principle of similars. All the ingredients in these substances are obtained through natural resources.

The second part of the natural healing philosophy is the principle of dilution—that low doses of a remedy offer the greatest effectiveness. Many of these substances, however, are diluted to the point that there are no existing molecules of the healing substance left in the remedy. Homeopathic practitioners believe that the substance leaves its imprint and small doses of it stimulate the body to heal itself. This is referred to as the “memory of water.”

Fact or Fiction?

 As you can imagine, this type of natural healing has a tremendous amount of critics who believe it is nothing short of medical hooey. While homeopathic practitioners claim that studies and their own patient experience have shown positive results, published trials tell a different story. In high-quality trials, the results were even worse, showing no efficacy of these remedies and pointing out many problems with the studies criteria and methods. Because there is a lack of adequate science backing up the claims of homeopathy, many in the medical field discourage their patients from trying this natural healing method to cure illnesses—especially those that are serious or life threatening. Since there are no active pharmacological molecules that exist in these diluted remedies, the medical community believes that people are being duped into trying a course of treatment that has no validity.

Spreading the Word

 Even with all this criticism, homeopaths are growing in numbers and trying to get their message across to people that this is a safe and effective treatment plan. They are also quick to point out that homeopathic treatment is customized for each person so if two people have the same condition, that does not mean they will be getting the same remedy. When preparing a remedy, the following patient information is taken into consideration:

  • Health history
  • Genetic history
  • Body type
  • Mental state

History Does Not Lie

 The natural healing method of homeopathy has been around for two hundred years—proof that it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. There are currently one hundred million people worldwide who claim to have successfully used homeopathic remedies. And with homeopaths continuing their crusade of educating people, as well as the medical community, about this ancient form of natural healing, it will no doubt continue to be around for a long time.

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